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World Book Night 2012: reaching out to light- and non-readers


On the night of Monday, April 23, 2012, I participated in World Book Night 2012, an initiative with an ambitious goal: handing out 1 million books across the United States, in one night. I did it in Penn Station, and live-tweeted about it. Here’s a chronological account of the experience, which includes photos of the future readers. Having shared the joy of reading, and twenty books lighter, I invite you to keep an eye out for World Book Night 2013. If you love books (and if you are reading this, you probably do), you’ll be happy you joined the book-giving ranks.

WORLD BOOK NIGHT 2012 (#wbnamerica)

Your mission, should you choose to accept it: give away 20 books. Your target: light- and non-readers. #wbnamerica.

I’m giving out books at Penn Station, NYC. Here’s the first future reader! #wbnamerica

Second book recipient of the night: the flower vendor. #wbnamerica

Third book recipient of the night: woman with red coat. #wbnamerica

Fourth book recipient of the night: looking for her train, she still found time to be part of #wbnamerica.

Fifth book recipient of the night: even the dog will read this novel. #wbnamerica.

The sixth book recipient of the night was shy (no paparazzi); this is the seventh, making books hip. #wbnamerica.

The eight book recipient of the night was also shy, but we found a solution for the photo. #wbnamerica.

The ninth and tenth book recipients of the night already have two people for their future book club. #wbnamerica

The 11th and 12th book recipients of the night could not wait to dive into the novel. #wbnamerica

The 13th book recipient of the night was wearing a uniform. Thus, the hand. #wbnamerica

The 14th book recipient of the night told me he had never owned a book. Until today, that is! #wbnamerica

The 15th book recipient of the night wanted no photos. But she’ll start reading tonight during her trip. #wbnamerica

The 16th book recipient of the night: close up of a redhead. #wbnamerica.

It took effort to convince my 17th book recipient for #wbnamerica. When she said “no photos,” I settled for this one.

My 18th book recipient for #wbnamerica was wearing a uniform as well. Here’s the hand of a future reader.

My 19th book recipient for #wbnamerica holds his gift with the bookmark that marks the date when he decided to read.

“I haven’t read since November. I left school to have my baby.” “Welcome back to reading!” She was the 20th. #wbnamerica

Highlight of #wbnamerica: “Where am I going to put the book?” he asked. “In your head!” I said. He laughed… But didn’t take the book!

#wbnamerica’s goal was to reach light- and non-readers. When I was approached by readers, I told them: “You already have the gift. Enjoy it!”