The Battle for Content

If you are reading this is only because thanks to blogs, Twitter, Facebook, Google + (and fill in the blank with your favorite social networks), everybody and his aunt has gone from consumer to generator of content. Not only do we choose, based on our preferences and prejudices, where we get the news that inform our opinions and keep our moral compass pointing North. We have also become providers of content, and we put it out there for the world to be improved by our enlightened thoughts. And still, when the world wide web is not enough, people take their message(s) to the streets, and walk around with Japanese, Chinese and Korean characters, quotes from The Book or their favorite writers and every conceivable half-formed thought tattooed on their midriffs, necks, ankles, shoulders, forearms…

We are bombarded with information due to the endless need to stay in our minds and be relevant so innate to humans and corporations alike.

We have “Snapple real facts” in the inside lid of the ubiquitous iced tea bottles, and there we can learn the speed of the fastest serve in tennis, how many times one can fold paper until it is no longer possible to keep folding it, or the amount of hours vultures can fly without flapping their wings. The list goes on.

The day I accepted a job offer from my current employer, we celebrated with Chinese food. As the ritual demands it, at the end of the meal I opened my fortune cookie. It read: “Your income will increase.” We had a good laugh.


We (and this includes you) have gotten used to reading platitudes in fortune cookies, that is of course until we get the ultimate and most accurate of all: “Now you are reading a fortune cookie.” But there’s a new kid on the block to keep us on our toes: Halls, the maker of cough drops whose sales probably go through the roof in the winter, now has raised the bar. It has included a “pep talk” in each and every one of its lozenges.

It annoyed me at first. But I know I will learn to live with it. After all, this is not a bad way to kickstart the day:


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  1. Love this post 🙂

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